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Upcoming Events

Updated - 4-30-23 

MGM2 Marching Schedule 2024

  • July 17th/18th: Rookie Camp

    • For ALL NEW 8th/9th Band Members and Band Leadership Team

    • 8:00am-12:00pm

  • July 19th: Summer Band Begins!

    • For ALL HS Marching Band Students

    • 8:00am-12:00pm

    • 6:00pm MANDATORY PARENT MEETING @ IPHS Auditorium

  • July 22nd-24th: Summer Band Week 1

    • 8:00am-9:30am: Indoor Music Rehearsal

    • 9:30am-10:00am: Break

    • 10:00am-11:00am: Music Sectionals

    • 11:00am-12:00pm: Full Music Rehearsal

  • July 29th-August 1st: Summer Band Week 2 (Two-a-days)

    • 8:00am-12:00pm: Morning Rehearsals

    • 6:00pm-9:00pm: Evening Rehearsals

  • August 5th-8th: Summer Band Week 3

    • 5:00pm-8:00pm: Evening Rehearsals

  • August 9th: Band Swim Party!

    • Swim Party at Iowa Park City Pool

    • Time TBD

Football Game/Marching Contest Schedule coming SOON! :)


Marching Show 2024 (Score and Parts)

Coming Soon... :)

Game Time Expectations

General Guidlines and Expectations for High School Football Games 

  • Game Day Questions - 

    • The first line of Communication - Sectional Leader or Senior ​​​

    • Second - BLT (Band Leadership Team) 

    • Third - Drum Major 

    • Final - The Drum Majors will bring questions to the Directors

      • Do not come to the directors with a game day question. The Drum Majors will ask a director and then get back to you. ​

  • Call Times - 

    • All call times will be disseminated over the band app ​​​

    • It is your responsibility to eat and bring water to all home games.   

      • Do not expect to have time to eat during the 3rd quarter. 

      • Getting the Third quarter off is a Privilege and not a guarantee. 

      • We will not have 3rd quarters off during any playoff game.   

    • Make sure you are dressed and ready to go by the call time given. If you are late or not dressed properly you will lose your time off during the 3rd quarter. ​

    • The Performance uniform is - Band Top, Compression Shirt, Compression Sleeve, Black Bibbers, Black Socks, and Black Shoes.

    • Travel Uniform - (HOT weather Uniform) Green band shirt, band Hat Brown Shorts, White socks, and tennis shoes.  

  • Game time Expectations

    • We are ambassadors of the community. We will represent our school with spirit, pride, and honor. Because of this, there will be no...

      • Booing our team or the opposing team.​

      • Yelling or Booing the Referees.

      • Using foul or inappropriate language.

      • Cheering against any team. We only cheer FOR our team.

      • Talking or playing during an injury. 

      • Talking trash to anyone at any time.

      • Interacting with fans or students from other teams.


    • Food

      • There will be no food or drinks (other than water) allowed in the stands at any time.  ​

      • All Students MUST BRING WATER to games. 

      • No Gum EVER

      • All food will be thrown away before entering the stands. 

      • After all games, we will clean our bleachers and make them look better than when we arrived. 

    • Parents and Students are not allowed in the band setup.

    • Students MUST STAY for the entire game.  

    • You MAY NOT move from your section during a game. 

    • You MAY NOT play any instrument other than your own. 

      • unless you have the Director's approval. 

    • You Must be ready to play at ALL TIMES!!

    • You MUST use your Music when we play Stand Tunes and the National Anthem. 

      • If you do not have your flip folder, you will lose time from your 3rd quarter. (This is NOT NEW information) ​

  • 3rd Quarter

    • 3rd quarter is a privilege, not a right or expectation. It can be granted or denied at the discretion of the director. ​

    • Students will return from 3rd quarter and be ready to play with ONE minute left on the clock. 

    • Any student who is late getting back for ANY REASON will lose 3rd quarter privileges for the following game.

    • If you are late twice you will lose your privileges for the remainder of the season. (Don't be late) 

    • Going to the concession stand, bathroom, or seeing friends or family, will not be an acceptable reason to be late. Mr. Bradberry will have the final say on any emergency that may arise. 

    • You must eat BEFORE HOME GAMES. Food will NOT be provided. 

    • The band will stay in the stands during 3rd quarter for ALL playoff games. 

  • Post-Game Home - (after the game)

    • Students are not dismissed until Mr. Bradberry releases them.​

    • No Student will leave before the stands are cleaned.

  • Post-Game Away 

    • Students are not dismissed until Mr. Bradberry Releases them.​

    • No Student will leave before the stands are cleaned. 

    • Students riding home with THEIR parents will have to sign out first with their chaperone. 

    • STUDENTS MAY NOT ride home with ANYONE other than a parent or guardian unless written permission has been signed by Mr. McFadden 24 hours beforehand. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Uniforms -

    • Performance ​

      • Shako

      • Performance top

      • Compression Shirt Black

      • Bibbers 

      • Black Socks

      • Marching Black Shoes

    • Hot Weather - 

      • Green Show Shirt​

      • Tan Shorts 

      • White Socks

      • Tennis Shoes

      • Band Hat 

    • Cold Weather - 

      • Outer shell (bought from Vinyl Designs) ​

      • Black Pullover Top​​

      • Black Athletic Pants 

    • Uniform expectations will be told to the band each week of an event. Weather plays a big part in what we travel and perform in. 

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